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any postings/reblogs of celeb nudes that were “leaked” is unacceptable

i will immediately unfollow you

i have no fucking time for victim blaming bullshit

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What about instead of adding Leon to a new game with Claire, add Ada instead? That’s a idea.

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some elements from the teaser of RE Rev. 2

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ten years later clem’s eating breakfast and suddenly looks off into the distance and squints

"they were talking about sex."

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adasbooty replied to your post: adasbooty said:*whispers* did som…

Agreed. The games is awesome with a good balance between shooting stuff and horror I have no idea why it’s not popular in the slightest.

People just seem to be turned off by the FPS part of it, because many think Call of Duty when they see one. If it was third person maybe it would be a different story

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To me what ruined FEAR 3 is the fact they took the intel out. That made like 50% of the plot. Some of us still like reading you know. :/ 

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It’s fps and not well known :( lame-o. Also fear 3…eh..uh

I notice most FPS games don’t have big fandoms, even Half Life which is very known doesn’t have one.

What’s FEAR 3? A fan game or something? (that’s all the game is to me anymore lol)

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adasbooty said:
*whispers* did someone say f.e.a.r? I dig the games and wish the fandom here is more alive (or existent) hi hi uwu  

Hey welcome to the club we have many empty seats that we need people in. :D

I don’t understand why it doesn’t have a big fandom. It has just as much interesting lore like the big horror games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. But guess people just don’t like creepy little girls. lol

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k0n0k0 said:
So according to that post me and you are like 2 of the 6 people and a shoelace in the F.E.A.R. fandom? Oh that's sad :(  

Yep pretty much. :( 

I think the only way I can see the fandom coming to life if there was a new game and not be like FEAR 3. 

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