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But why did Jason kidnap that guy’s Sam’s sister? Jason is a killing machine and all of the sudden he wants a girlfriend??

Family stuff is like my favorite thing about the Dragon Age games. Give me more.


*main character becomes a villain* oh my GOD… oh MY GOd do that again

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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Skyhold Gameplay

"We both have work to do. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on it."


Jason only comes back when you have sex like seriously. So stop having it.

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Photos by Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

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Does size matter to you ?


I prefer large pizzas but I’ll take what I get

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So did some people time travel and play DA Inquisition? Because how some people talk about the characters. yeah..

describe Heather Mason in eight words (insp.)

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if you’re following me i’m just warning you that i don’t know where i’m going

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